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    About Us

    Our skills & Expertise

    We are a family of X and still evolving to deliver the most refined technology solutions in the Middle East and Africa

    Fast Learning Capability

    Calculated Vision

    Scientific Research Expertise

    Key Metric Identification

    Cohesive Validation Ethicalities

    Swift Model Deployment

    Fast Learning Capability

    Top AI Strategists

    Robust Communication

    Proficient Consultation Ability

    Company Overview


    A successful organization works on the effective consideration and incorporation of its objectives along with a significant increase in the rate of development. Praxis assists you in acquiring authentic change when you have already tried other conventional methods. Praxis is an amazing, reliable, and significantly the best strategic and technology consulting company. We help our clients in making important decisions for technology implementation by understanding their challenging business situations. Praxis’s headquarter is in Casablanca; however, it is serving its global clients in Morocco, Saudi, and Dubai.

    Our Vision

    aPraxis understands that establishing an innovative technology program can be an overwhelming job. It can be more complicated for organizations firmly utilizing different technologies without having internal IT abilities. Our consultants assist the clients by establishing the best technology solution for their problems. Our experts at Praxis comprehend the business strategies and assist clients with their knowledge and experience of contemporary technologies. We work from strategic planning to technological execution. We train our clients by providing learning and developing services to manage their intricate projects.

    Why Praxis is Different?

    aPeople choose Praxis for outstanding strategic advice and technology implementation services. We are determined to work for achieving the success of our clients with our experience and professional technology solutions.
    Our clients choose us for following fundamental reasons:

    • 1.  Praxis has an excellent team of consultants, who are motivated to provide revolutionary services.
    • 2.  Our consultants consistently work at Praxis for exceeding the expectations of our clients.
    • 3.  We provide a ‘channel’ of planning and implementation to acquire outstanding business outcomes.
    • 4.  We support our clients in adjustment to the new implementation of technology.

    Upgrading Your Business with the Latest Technology
    We are busy exploring the finest solutions here


    We respect talent to inculcate engagement, contentment, and satisfaction to get the best performance. It influences productivity to the fullest

    Workplace Culture

    Culture reflects the personality of Praxis. It makes us unique, and here we display our ethical values, old traditions, and productive attitudes.

    Productive Communication

    Our professionals evaluate your organization and working climate through continuously evolving ideas before implementation

    What Are You Waiting For? Join Praxis Today!

    We are here to see your progress as we grow with your advancement!