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    Praxis Consulting > Infrastructure

    SIEM (SOCs Services)

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a common expression for handling the data created from different security management systems. However, 24x7x365 watched by the Human Filtered and cautiously concurrent results are generated on inwards and outwards dashboards, which are easier to be handled depending upon your needs. After having a complete insight within your network, we will assist in taking care of all requirements; however, all thanks to the pre-located templates within the system that help in the fulfilment of generated security statements in the Middle East and Africa.

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    Audit and Pen Testing

    This is one of our best services that we have been providing to our customers for a long time. Performing different penetration tests and generating results for hundreds of our customers. However, the performed tests contain several certificates, while there is a complete record in the industry. Our work covers the basic needs of our customers and we deliver perfectly executed tests of PCI DSS Penetration Testing Guidance in our services. Besides, our consultants (along with careful analysis) prepare the concluded reports by automatic and manual security scanners.

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    Security Systems Integration

    Praxis Security can assist you in designing and execution of highly integrated security solution, which will be a great help in dangerous security situations. Besides, our team will assist you in successfully controlling your system by harmonizing the platform and implementing an automated system. Furthermore, our great security solutions can assist you in performing separate security for successful enhancement of security and services by reducing risk and our costs of maintaining organized business systems.

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    IoT Networks (LPWANs, 3G/4G)

    By the end of 2020, 50 percent of applications manufactured on PaaS will be IoT regarding the traditional architecture method. The IoT is capable to sustain billions of other application devices and messages and can process and securely direct all those messages in devices with AWS endpoints. In the Middle East and Africa, Praxis will always be available to keep an eye and communicate with you concerning your devices.

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    IoT Sensors

    When there are sensors everywhere around us, one of the predictions is that by the end of 2020, the estimated number of data points will be up to 50 billion devices in general. These devices are utilized in recording temperature, presence, light, and anything in the industrial processing systems. Sensors establish a pioneer for secure management and protection of their network. Therefore, Praxis assists in the collection and analysis of the data from the infinite number of sensors.

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